My last breathe on a winkel stoep

Chantal Jacobs, Eastridge

My last breathe on a winkel stoep

Another dollar, another dime!

Another day in the life of Eastridge side of life.

Another day in the life of a teenager.

Motivated… by a shooting on the shop stoep Parkers, in Palestrina.

This morning I woke up not knowing it would be the end of me… not knowing I would be laying face down to the ground on a shop stoep.

I got up, thanked God for another day… Washed got dressed … and here we go…

The day has started, things are looking good… thought of all the possibilities life would throw at me today…

Finished high school and waiting in anticipation for my results to come out on the 20th January …

I focused on all the important aspects; laughed and joked with my buddies and there we parted…The unknown hit me while standing on the stoep

Less did I know I would be faced with this horrific moment…

shots fired and I’m down… lying down lifeless its like a role play.

As I’m breathing my last breath and all I can think of is my mom

I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

My life, my goals and what I wanted to become! All taken away due to gangsterism.

Motivated by a song…

Eminem says; “I’m sorry mama. I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to make you cry, as I’m blowing out my last breath.“

RIP Wakiel