Spotlight on housing

Benjamin van der Ross said beneficiaries would be considered based on their “reality”.

Charity fund-raiser

The annual Last Night of the Proms concert takes place on Saturday March 14.

T-ball festival

Westridge Yankees Baseball and Softball Club hosted its annual T-ball festival.

Historic schools agreement signed

Children attending Hafith schools dedicate a few years to memorise the Qur’an.

Help get Widaad to Las Vegas for pageant

Widaad Karriem was diagnosed with Down syndrome when she was born at Gatesville Medical Centre.

A nod to the unsung heroes of firefighting

Here's a look at what happens at the City of Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue Service command centre.

Ma Dorothy turns 105

Ma Dorothy Magdalene Abrahams recently celebrated her 105th birthday.

Diversity challenge

The Cub pack meets at 3 Stirrup Street, in Westridge, every Thursday between 5pm and 6.30pm.

Keeping kids on the beat

This year’s classes started on Monday February 3 at the church.

City takes on Spekboom Challenge

The Spekboom Challenge is a social media drive, motivating all South Africans to each plant at least 10 of the trees this year.