District Six mosque turns 100

The mosque is nestled between the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the Good Hope Centre.

Homeless housed on field

About 2 000 homeless people are due to be housed at the City of Cape Town’s temporary shelter sites for the duration of the lockdown.

Read of the Week

Captain Reshma Patel is back for the second time with her partner Ian Jack.

Locked in and loaded – stay home, stay in shape

From novelty to necessity - online workouts go viral.

Get on the bus

Strandfontein resident Jill Wilkenson writes about the shelters provided for the homeless.

New janaa-iz regulations

The virus can survive on surfaces for some time (hours to days) depending on the environment and surface.

Fight the virus with education

Dr Lauren Swartz reminds us of ways of preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Calling on all caregivers to be extra vigilant

Children are now close to heat, water and chemical sources in the home for 21 days.

Future of ECDS

Karrimah Jacobs says ECD centres are struggling during lockdown.

Paramedics back on duty

Over the weekend, paramedics attended to close to 100 emergencies in Tafelsig and Beacon Valley.