Sharing dreams

Kulthoom Breda, Dhaakirah Meyer and Tegan Davids at the dream launch at Stellenbosch University on Thursday January 24.

Mitchell’s Plain matriculants who will be starting their tertiary studies at Stellenbosch University this year were among the new intake of students who were invited to share their dreams with their fellow newcomers.

On Thursday January 24, the new students wrote their dreams on sheets of paper and hung them on the trees for all to see. The aim of the exercise, said university rector, Professor Wim de Villiers, was to encourage students and remind them why they decided to take on tertiary education.

The dream cards will be on display along Victoria Street for the next few weeks.

“Let’s talk about your dreams as a student, your dreams as a young person starting out as an adult in life,” said Professor De Villiers.

“Your dreams as parents and guardians, your dreams for our students to achieve success in life and our dreams as a university. Here dreams are cherished, new dreams are born and having an opportunity to make dreams come true.”

Dhaakirah Meyer, 18, from Strandfontein who matriculated from Mondale High in Portland last year, said she was given a warm welcome when she arrived at the university.

Kulthoom Breda, 17, from Portland, who matriculated from Mondale High, said: “The experience is very different to high school. They welcomed me. I have walked into a new family. Writing down my dreams will hold me accountable to my journey here.”

Rocklands resident Tegan Davids, 17, who matriculated from Christel House, and who will be studying occupational therapy, will be staying at the university’s Nemesia residence. “Writing down my dreams made me realise what I am able to achieve and having others look at it, will inspire them to do the same,” she said.