Holiday fun for Mitchell’s Plain children

Chef Ethan Petersen, right, taught the children how to make cupcakes and decorations. Sub-council 12 chairperson Solomon Philander on the left.

More than 750 children of all ages from across Mitchell’s Plain attended a two-week holiday programme organised by Ward 116 councillor Soraya Rigby and various community groups and volunteers.

The programme, which included baking lessons, dancing, games, face-painting and more, was held at the Beacon Valley Community Centre, Morgenster’s Ester Park and The Farm Recreation Centre, from Monday December 19 to Friday December 23 and from Monday January 9 to Friday January 13.

“I am immensely proud of the volunteers who gave of their time to volunteer to create a safe space for the children during the two weeks,” said Sub-council 12 chairperson Solomon Philander.

Holiday programme volunteers with some of the children from the Grade 1 to Grade 3 group.
Children took part in a dance rehearsal on Wednesday January 11.
Holiday programme volunteers paint the faces of the children on Wednesday January 11.
The youth group with volunteers rehearsed a drama they created.