Qurin’s quest to get to Turkey soccer tournament

Milano United FC midfielder, Qurin Jooste is in need of raising funds of R30 000 to get him to the soccer tournament in Turkey in June.

A Lentegeur 13-year-old is on a quest to make it to a soccer tournament in Turkey with his soccer club.

Milano United FC midfielder, Qurin Jooste, is in need of R30 000 to get him to Turkey in June.

Qurin has been playing since the age of four. He started playing soccer at Standards United FC in Lentegeur.

“I love soccer. My brother also plays soccer and that inspires me to do the same. I love this sport,” he said.

His parents Randall and Karin Jooste support his soccer passion.

“Soccer is good for a child’s development and keeps them occupied from doing the wrong things. It can provide a good opportunity for their future too,” Ms Jooste said.

The R30 000 will help Qurin pay for his ticket, accommodation and necessities and he needs to have raised all of it by May so that he can take part in the tournament during the school holidays.

“Going to Turkey will be a great opportunity. If the opportunity arises for him to be chosen he may be able to play in Turkey,” she said.

“We are extremely proud of him as he is a good player and has made us proud every time he plays. We love him and only want the best for him to prosper in his future. He loves soccer dearly and we would like to see him reach his goals as any parent wants for their children,” said Ms Jooste.

For more information or if you would like to donate, contact Ms Jooste on email on karinjooste86@gmail.com or 072 024 5571.