Fun in the park

At the back, from left, are Tashreeq de Villiers, master of ceremonies, Strive staff Meghan Meyer, Nazley Abrahams, Labeeqah Brenner and Ruwayda Oliver. In front is Tohirah Johnson.

Dozens of children and parents enjoyed a day of fun and games to help raise awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Strive Educare pupils, staff and their families were escorted for their fun walk by the Bavaria Squad, BMW car club to Westridge Gardens on Saturday April 10.

There were food stalls and activity stations which young and old could enjoy.

Azhar Basadien, 6, with his grandmother Benita Poole, from Colorado Park.

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability which affects the way people see the world and respond to stimuli such as sound, light, touch, space, smell and or taste.

It is also known as a social communication disorder and affects four major areas of development – language and communication; social interaction; thinking and behaviour; and sensory processing.

Aaliyah Brenner, from Eastridge, paints the face of Kidjo Angus, from Portland.

Spokeswoman Ruwayda Oliver said they had about 12 pupils and that every cent raised would be used for the school.

Baria Squad BMW car club members pictured at the back, from left, are Sedick Abdol also known as Hoppa and Ashley Segers. In front are Avon Samuels, Anwar Adams, Imtiyaaz Dirk and Saaiyt Petersen.