Devolution Dance Fam needs funds for champs in USA

Tafelsig’s Devolution Dance Fam crew has their sights set on a trip to the USA.

Tafelsig’s Devolution Dance Fam crew has qualified for the World of Dance Championship Tour competition in the USA but need some help to get there.

The 16 dance crew members need to raise R12 500 each, R200 000 in total, to fund their trip. They’ve raised R10 000 so far.

The crew took part in the World of Dance Regional competition in May last year (“Devolution Dance Fam off to World of Dance nationals”, Plainsman, August 31 2022).

Their regional video was what qualified them for world champs.

The previous national competition was cancelled as there wasn’t enough support. The competition postponed it for a year, said co-founder and head choreographer, Shamieg George, 30, from Tafelsig.

“The postponement of the event was a bit sad as we were really looking forward to it. It would have been nice to have some of the members experience a different province,” he said.

They hope to be heading to California from Friday August 11 to Monday August 14 to showcase their style of dance and represent their country, he said.

With competing in dance competitions, the opportunity to see another country can help change mindsets, said Shamieg.

“We’ve qualified four times in a row but due to funding it’s been a challenge for us to attend,” he said.

“Our parents and those affiliated to the dance crew, have been amazing at raising funds,” he said.

They will also be hosting a show in early May to help with fundraising.

Some of their dancers vary from working age to pupils. “We’re working really hard, making sure we make our country proud,” he said.

“Donating to this trip would change someone’s life. Former dance crew, Brooklyn Brotherhood from Beacon Valley, is my inspiration, I look up to them. I still speak to some of them. They are a constant reminder that something can change, that mindsets can change. We don’t take it lightly that we’ve made it thus far,” said Shamieg.

“We won’t only be representing Tafelsig but South Africa. If we as a dance crew from Tafelsig can make it on the world stage for dancing, the possibilities are endless for any of our youngsters in all areas and walks of life. Life is difficult and it will test you but with a goal and dream, and a positive attitude, anything is possible,” said Shamieg.

Dancer Kuschker Goliath, 30, from Tafelsig, said representing SA with Devolution Dance Fam at the championships would be a dream come true. “I started dancing in 2007 at the age of 14 with Devolution and to see how much we’ve grown from a dance group to a family is amazing. I’m proud, as we prepare ourselves for the world stage and can’t wait to give it our best out there.”

Dancer Rashieqah Padou, 17 from Muizenberg, is excited for the champs. “I am so grateful for this opportunity. There is nothing better than doing what you love with people you love.”

For more information contact Shamieg on 064 488 7114 or email them on, follow their social media pages or follow their BackaBuddy page:—world-of-dance).