Your vote has power

Michael Pat Pietersen, outgoing DA councillor for Ward 116

Thanks to the community of Mitchell’s Plain.

Let me thank the Democratic Alliance (DA) for the opportunity to serve my community.

A special thanks to Dr Wilmot James, Grant Pascoe, Maria Weavers, Junaid Husain, Anthea Serritslev, Natalie Bent and Clarina Visagie for their support in making it possible for me to serve the community.

I want to give a special thanks to the City of Cape Town’s former chief whip Shaun August and former Mayor Patricia de Lille for giving me the greatest opportunity to serve on a senior political level in the municipality.

My work has not come to an end.

I will continue the work I have been doing for 36 years to serve the community as a justice of the peace and commissioner of oaths and will operate under my Section 21 company.

I will return to politics after this election because politics is a never ending process, the challenges, unemployment and poverty in the community are too great.

My aim will be to work with other civil society organisations; to lobby local, provincial and national government; and the private sector on many issues our communities are facing, like crime, real business opportunities for local entrepreneurs and business.

Real job opportunities in Mitchell’s Plain such as the textile sector and others, one of which was the biggest job creator for our communities.

My advice to the people and civil society organisations in Mitchell’s Plain is to be united in its approach on issues in the communities.

This will demonstrate to the government that their concerns are legitimate and will allow the government to listen.

We must not allow egos to derail us from our objective and mission for Mitchell’s Plain.

I wish all candidates the best.

Please play clean, work hard, convince the voter and respect the voters.

Voters are lending you their vote for the next five years and if a party or candidate does not perform, you simply take away your vote and lend your vote to someone else.

Your vote has power. Please go vote. Please be safe. God bless you all.

Do not hesitate to contact me on 072 230 5557.