My mother loved the Plainsman

Charles Pietersen, Parow

My mother Magrieta Pietersen, 67, died on September 6.

My mom lived in Ceres Close, Portland and she loved the Plainsman.

Since the newspaper’s inception, my mother had been excited and could not wait for its arrival every Wednesday.

She would always want to be first to read the paper and every (delivery) guy knew her.

My mom would always shout through the window: “Môre, môre, dankie vir my koerant.”

She read it from top to bottom and from front to back, even though she was not proficient in English.

She knew what was going on in the paper. She studied every promotion flyer – its products and price. She would then draw up her weekly budget for what she was going to buy for the week.

Through the years there were different delivery guys. The delivery guy of 2021 liked my mom. He would always shout first: “Goeiemôre Ma! Hoe gaan dit vandag?” and they would then talk through the window.

That was my mom.

She will always be remembered and live in our heart