Enough is enough

Rozario Brown, Mouille Point

The urgency of this message cannot be overstated.

As the general elections approach, Mitchell’s Plain, communities across the Cape Flats and many other parts of the country, remain war-zones where the rule of law is a mere illusion, and gang lords and drug barons command more respect than our failing institutions.

It is reprehensible that in one of the most pivotal moments of our national trajectory, our collective focus remains splintered by petty rivalries and ideological debates. But let us be clear: there is no political ideology that justifies the continued bloodshed and suffering of our people.

The public is not just disillusioned; they are enraged. For years, we have been spectators to a farcical blame game between political parties, a disgraceful lack of accountability, and an almost criminal apathy towards the plight of the people you are supposed to serve. The rates of murder, rape, and armed robbery are not just statistics on a page; they are the realities that mothers, fathers, and children live with day in, day out. With a woefully low conviction rate for heinous crimes, justice remains an elusive dream for the people of South Africa.

To beckon the masses to come out and vote in such conditions is not just irresponsible; it is grossly insensitive and insulting to the memories of those who have lost their lives in this unremitting violence.

Asking people to vote in the current climate is tantamount to calling for more bullets, more rapes, more murders – more of the same despair that has robbed our communities of their dignity and hope.

The 2024 elections must be different; they must be a reflection of a government that can protect its most vulnerable citizens. For that to happen, there must be unequivocal evidence of a significant drop in crime, and this requires an all-hands-on-deck approach that transcends party lines. We plead with you to make fighting crime a non-negotiable priority ahead of the elections.

Political differences must be put aside for the greater good of the nation. Use your influence to unite and not divide our people, especially around the issue of crime and violence.

We don’t just need another election; we need a real new dawn for South Africa – a dawn that delivers safety, justice, and peace for all.

Let us not fail another generation. The world is watching, and history will judge us by our actions, or lack thereof, in this critical hour.

Enough is enough.