Determined to vote

Joan Daniels, Belhar

My husband, Birend Johannes Daniels, 72, and I moved from King’s Way, Colorado Park, to Belhar, in September.

On Sunday October 31, Birend, a chronic asthmatic who had emphysema, was not feeling well.

We tried to persuade him not to go and vote in Colorado Park, where he was registered.

My husband never recovered from the death of our grandson, Leonardo Lakay, 21, on June 25 last year. Leonardo had Down syndrome and died of Covid-19.

Adamant that he wanted to make his cross, he braved the storm, stood in the queue, waited at a former neighbour’s house for the weather to subside and returned to the queue.

He finally voted late in the afternoon on Monday November 1 and died at Mitchell’s Plain District Hospital at about 1am the next day.

Birend was a staunch DA supporter. He voted all these years for the DA and made his cross next to “Joanie’s” name, that is Joan Woodman, councillor candidate for Ward 75.