Celebrating Mother’s Day

Jarrethly Jacobus, Strong Tower Ministries

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Oh how wonderful to know

That the whole world will come to stand still

Not because of a presidential announcement

Or some famous celebrity visiting our shores… No not at all

Today we are celebrating the most memorable day on the calendar

A day where we show once again the importance of this human being

A person that brings so much value into our lives

So today some of us are privileged to meet this incredible person

Not only for their kindness, loving and caring heart

But for their moral support, multi skill abilities and their great ambitions

Who mould us and taught us the fundamental values of life

Who had laid the very foundation that we built on

Yes today is that day where we all will stand before them

To give them recognition and the respect that they deserve

Whether they are here with us in flesh or in spirit

We will honour you and we will praise you

And say thank you for all you have done for us

Happy Mother’s Day