Youth encouraged to live positive lives

More than 100 Woodlands youth were encouraged to follow their dreams and to stay away from gangsterism and drugs at a Youth Day event held last week.

Dawood Davids, from Sultan Bahu Centre in Westridge, interacts with youth in Woodlands.

Dawood Davids, from Sultan Bahu Centre in Westridge, his volunteer colleagues Qusim Khan and Mahier Bassier, spoke to the children, who were guests of Woodlands Women’s Support Group and Attie’s Babes Coaching Clinic at Woodlands sports field on Youth Day, Wednesday June 16.

The substance abuse treatment centre offers community-based treatment, after-care and opiate substitution therapy, in Mitchell’s Plain, Hanover Park and Bellville.

Mr Davids said they run a variety of community-based programmes, including feeding schemes and health projects, and had helped faciliated cataract surgery and dialysis for indigent people with an immediate need.

At the Youth Day event, children played a few soccer matches and entertained themselves with song and dance.

“A huge thanks to those individuals and organisations who contributed to feeding more than 100 kids,” said Gabieba Rademeyer, founder and co-ordinator of the women’s support group.