Youth Day in Tafelsig

The Healing Well, a Tafelsig-based non-profit organisation collaborated with The Bossie Projects to host a youth day event.
Tiktok influencer, Brandon Allies talks to the youth about the LGBTQI+ community.
Cecilia Kemp educating the youth about TB and HIV.
Debbie De Mink gives the youth career guidance.
Wendy Williams used her doll, Joy, to provide guidance on teenage pregnancies and consensual sex.

The Healing Well non-profit organisation in Tafelsig in collaboration with The Bossie Projects hosted a youth day event at the Shalom Church in Tafelsig, on Wednesday June 16. The event was not about entertaining the youth but rather about educating and supporting them through the challenges they face, said Wendy Williams, chairperson of The Healing Well NPO.