Muurbal Street celebrates young people

Four women from Muurbal Street, in Beacon Valley, Wafeeqah Lareny, Tougieda Larney, Tasleemah Jaffa and Laeeqa Fourie, held a talent show for the young people of their neighbourhood on Saturday.

Four women from Muurabal Street, in Beacon Valley, organised a talent show for the youth on Saturday.

Tougieda Larney, Laeeqa Fourie, Tasleemah Jaffa and Wafeeqah Lareny have previously held shows in the street. A show in March raised awareness about Covid-19.

On Saturday, young people had a chance to sing and dance and afterwards they received food parcels.

Ms Larney said it was a chance for them to take their minds off some of the neighbourhood’s problems, including shootings and drug abuse.

“Some young people partake in substance and drug abuse, and these events keep them busy away from the bad and off the streets. The shootings are a lot in the street, but this coming together gives us hope,” she said.

Ms Larney’s daughter-in-law, Wafeeqah Larney, said the children had spent hours preparing to perform at the street show.

From left, Shakiera Bhemgee, Zayaan Hendricks, Qudsia Adonis and Yaseen Larney.
Waseekah Fataar, 14, entertained everyone with her singing.
The neighbourhood children practised very hard for the show on Saturday.
Camelin Portland and her daughter, Leah.
Beryl Adams and Shamieg Kallie. Shamieg enjoyed dancing at the show.
The young people were not afraid to show their moves at the show.