Young people and police task force engage

The South African Police Task Force talking to the young people at the event on Saturday September 25.

Young people from the Cape Flats attended a workshop designed to inspire their future.

The event was hosted by Tina Kempshall from the Basileia Foundation at Cedar High School in partnership with the school, Unchain the Plain and the South African Police Special Task Force – whom the young people engaged with to find out how the members came to be part of the task force.

The workshop covered the impact on their lives, their loved ones and the community, of the decisions they make every day, as “Decisions determine Destiny,” said Juven Rittles from Unchain the Plain.

Ms Kempshall said their foundation focused on emotional wellness of adults and school pupils, with whom they work through their Hero Project.

“Those who are successful in the community are called in by us to encourage young people to show them that they are not defined by their circumstances but if they change their mindset, they can strive to do and be anything. They need to make better choices as they grow older, change their way of thinking, and be more confident. We encourage this behaviour,” she said.

“The task force is an elite group of men. They protect those in our country. For them to take time out to speak to the young people, it was an inspiration to see. We are grateful to our superheroes,” said Ms Kempshall.