Tafelsig West sub-forum celebrates a heritage of giving

The Tafelsig West sub-forum team are cook, Abeeda Busby, Juanita Rainers, deputy chairman, Dennis Abrahams, Lietenant Colonel Cleo Arnoldus, Captain Dennis Williams, chairwoman, Charmain ’Connie’ Adams and project coodinator, Ruth Saralina.

Each year when Heritage Day is celebrated, the Tafelsig West sub-forum makes it a priority to feed and provide residents with clothing.

This year they held their event on Thursday September, the day before Heritage Day.

The neighbourhood watch structures assisted and the Tafelsig West sub-forum’s project co-ordinator, Ruth Saralina, made sure the day ran as it should. The team served residents breakfast, provided food parcels and had a clothing shop set up at the home of chairperson Charmaine “Connie” Adams.

Ms Adams said she had been doing community work for 31 years, so “it’s not new to me”.

“We should continue to help those in need. It is a blessing to bless others,” she said.

Committees from other blocks also joined their event on Thursday.

Lieutenant Colonel Cleo Arnoldus, pointed out that the team had funded the event from their own pockets. “It is excellent, they are giving back to the community. The community should continue to support the team and their efforts,” he said.

Standing in the homemade clothing shop from left are Rameez Harrison, Skye-Lee De Bruin, Sage De Bruin and mom Ashlyn De Bruin.

Ashlyn De Bruin, a resident who attended the event, said she was grateful for the Tafelsig West sub-forum. “The gesture is very beautiful. We don’t get much of this in the community. What they are doing is really appreciated. During Covid-19 I have been unemployed and sometimes the money is not enough, this really helps so much. Thank you to everyone who made this possible,” said Ms De Bruin.

The team with the community, from left are Juanita Rainers, Captain Dennis Williams, Chevonne Van Ryneveld, Lietenant Colonel Cleo Arnoldus, Ruth Saralina, Dennis Abrahams, and in front are Hope Van Ryneveld, Kelly Van Ryneveld and Danika Estehuizen.