Thumbs up, SAPS

Serge Londt,

I contacted SAPS regarding suspicious activity happening in our driveway on Tuesday February 26 .

It was 4.39am, when I was woken up by the neighbours’ dog’s barking.

As I made my way to our front door, I peeked through the window.

I saw two people, who appeared to be inside my car.

I immediately called the SAPS 10111 number and stated my case.

The officer on duty handling my call was very professional, diligent, helpful and courteous.

The call lasted exactly a minute and it took SAPS less than five minutes to arrive at my door.

Upon their arrival, I was greeted by two police officers, they asked me questions relating to the incident, wrote down my details and proceeded in the direction where the suspects fled.

Thank you SAPS for the reassurance, swift response and making us feel safe and taking pride in the call of duty.

Thank you SAPS for the courage, which you displayed, the sacrifices and renewal of hope you bring to our hearts and in our communities.

As an active citizen, SAPS to me truly personifies the meaning of the phrase, “to Protect and Serve”.