Thieves hit Eastridge drug centre

The Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre in Eastridge was hit by thieves, who stole a computer on which important administration documentation was saved.

The centre’s director, Ashley Potts, said the damages caused on Friday August 19 amounted to R12 000 and that the burglars had removed a small window, opened a big window and then used a pole from a fence to pry the burglar bars apart.

Mr Potts said the seven thieves, who were caught on camera but could not be identified from the footage, had managed to hide from residents and security staff.

“The alarm was triggered at the Secupro Security Services control room at 4.36am, and they came out to investigate. They then found nothing to be wrong at the premises, and left.

“They (thieves) stole the admin computer and the screen,” he said, adding that it would cost more to repair the damage done than it would to replace the goods which were stolen.

Mr Potts also assured clients that their confidentiality had not been compromised in any way.

“The computer they stole is our admin computer and does not have client information on it, but other valuable documentation that is necessary for administrative purposes. This means that much of the more recent documents need to be re-done.

“It also means that we are now going to need to spend money on an item that was not budgeted for,” he said.

Mr Potts said what worries him most is that parents who know their children are involved in crime, continue to protect them.

“They do not realise the greater damage they allow to happen by hiding the wrong or protecting the wrong-doer. My sincere plea to the communities at large, is: let’s expose the wrong-doer and stand together to stop their senselessness.

“We are the majority but allow these minorities to hold us hostage in our own homes. Even if it’s your son or daughter that needs to be reported for any wrong doing, let’s clean up our streets and take back what’s ours for the greater good of our children,” he said.

Mr Potts would like to thank the police for their assistance in the matter.

“Mitchell’s Plain police have been amazing, (getting) whatever needs to happen resolved and picking up on any leads. I salute our men and women in blue. I special thank you to Brigadier Cass Goolam and his management team who came out immediately to express their support for whatever I needed,” he said.

Mitchell’s Plain police spokesperson Constable Nozuko Makwayiba confirmed the incident which occurred at the drug centre in Civet Street around 7.43am.

“When the police arrived, the complaint informed the members that he left the Centre on Monday afternoon at 4.30pm and he closed all the windows, locked the door properly, he left everything in order.

“Then, on Thursday morning when he came back he noticed the window was open, the burglary bar was broken and when he went inside he also found out the LG computer was stolen” she said.

Constable Makwayiba said no arrests had yet been made.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Constable Woodington <