Thank you

Naboe Grainger, Rondevlei Park

My heart overflows with gratitude for the wonderful coverage of our two Protea majorettes who are representing South Africa in Croatia next month (“Croatia calling for drummies duo,” Plainsman, August 17).

It is with much gratitude and appreciation that I write this letter to specifically thank Fuad Esack and Karl Bergemann for their outstanding efforts in showcasing all the wonderful achievements of our local sports heroes, including their back stories which have led them to their goals.

With the national newspapers focusing on the “big” stories, and often more international stories, it’s important that there also be an outlet for our local success stories – and my feeling is that Independ-ent Media is doing a fantastic job of this.

I think it’s very important to give recognition to upcoming athletes in our local communities as it makes them feel supported and encourages them to persevere.

By shining the light on them, it can potentially attract sorely needed sponsors, which would greatly assist parents of athletes in need of support. At the same time, young readers are able to draw inspiration from such locally-grown success stories.

Another positive spin-off of the great work of Independent Media’s coverage of local sports achievements is that it brings into focus some sport codes that may be unknown to our comm-unities.

Drum majorettes, as an example, is not well-known outside of the northern suburbs. But who’s to say there isn’t a little girl in Athlone who has yet to find the right sport code for her?

Reading about majorettes who are representing their country in an overseas competition may just be the thing that inspires her to start partaking in the sport.

Ultimately, putting the spotlight on local sports heroes can increase the general interest in sport and inspire other youngsters to realise their own potential.

The more this can happen, the better for all our communities.

Well done to all coaches, officials, parents, friends and family of youngsters in sport – together with the efforts of Independent Media who frequently highlight our local athletes’ progress – the world is their oyster.

As the proud parent of daughters in the sport of drum majorettes, who’s had the privilege of your excellent media coverage of our sport, we say, thank you and keep up the excellent work.