Take the history into account

Sheikh M A Jardien, The Westridge

It is unfortunate that Jody du Plessis, chairperson of The Westridge Residents’ Association, who supposedly represents the residents of the area, is so dismissive and absolutely disregards the people that stayed here before him (“Uncertainty”, Plainsman letters, March 16.)

Mr Du Plessis only moved into our area now the other day and it seems as if he is trying to ignore the efforts of the older residents.

The land for a mosque and church was identified by the first developer of the land in 2001 and subsequently new residents were made aware of it through approaches of the Nurul I’baad Islamic Society (NIIS) to Muslim residents.

The Nurul I’baad Islamic Society is an elected representative body of more than 90 percent of Muslims resident in The Westridge and Rocklands area.

The Nurul I’baad Islamic Society was established in 2003 by the residents of this area with its primary mandate to acquire and build a mosque in this area.

No Muslim from this area has ever objected to or brought their reservations to our attention with regards to the building of a mosque in our community.

We had negotiations with every developer since the founding of NIIS about the mosque site and possess documentation of their (including the then developer Riaan Pietersen) commitments to NIIS.

The Nurul I’baad Islamic Society has never been ignorant or ignored the interest of the community of The Westridge or Rocklands.

Hence, we call on those community members who feel aggrieved to contact us so that we can try to clarify any misunderstanding.

It is in our broader interest to work in harmony with other organisations that has the common interest of the whole community at heart.