Tafelsig home up in flames


A Tafelsig family is gratful that nobody was injured when their home was reduced to ashes.

The wendy house attached to the back of an RDP house, caught fire on Sunday March 13.

Despite the donations of mattresses and clothes, from family and friends, the family is still homeless.

The 30-week pregnant Farzaan Mughal said she was in the house with her eight-year-old daughter when she noticed smoke coming from their couch.

“I was taking a nap with my daughter when I woke up and saw the smoke coming from the couch.

“For a while I tried to figure out what was going on – I then saw flames.

“My daughter woke up and tried to help me put out the fire. The fire spread very fast and we got out – by that time the neighbours were also out. I don’t know who called the firefighters, but I just saw them rushing over,” said Ms Mughal.

Although everything else was destroyed, Ms Mughal managed to save the baby bag she had gotten ready to take to hospital once she was in labour.

Ms Mughal’s husband, Sulaiman Benhalie said his wife sent him a text message that their home was on fire and by the time he got home, all he saw was smoke.

“When I got home there were two fire trucks and a police van,” said Mr Benhalie.

Mr Benhalie and his family have temporarily moved into the house where their wendy house was attached to and no other houses were affected by the fire.

“We are very gratful for the donations which we have gotten so far, but our biggest problem is that we don’t have a home.”

Fire and rescue services spokesperson Theo Layne said the fire and rescue department responded to a call at Megan Street at 12.01 that afternoon and that neighbours had helped put out the fire.

“Nobody sustained any injuries and the cause of the fire is still undetermined.”

* If you can help the Benhalie family start afresh, call 072 675 0506 or 084 716 6928.