Rocklands Neighbourhood Watch patrol

Mitchell’s Plain police officer and Rocklands neighbourhood watch member search two men on the corner of Hurricane and Gladiator Roads.

Rocklands neighbourhood watch members in convoy drove in the area stopping at specific alleged drug dens, shebeens and corners where youth were seen loitering on Friday August 25.

Sector commander Captain Mornay Kleinhans said the message is simple.

“Go home. Don’t be on the streets,” he said.

Speaking specifically to a 16-year-old on one of the corners he said “go home”.

“Do not become like him (pointing at a known drug addict),” he said.

Rocklands Neighbourhood Watch chairman Cedric Daniels said the patrol formed part of Mitchell’s Plain police station’s monthly police community mobilisations.

He called on residents to support the neighbourhood watch in stopping the selling of drugs on their streets.

“Most of our crime is being done by these ‘druggies’, addicts, our young people addicted to drugs. They burgle houses and break into cars. Drug dealing and use is a great concern,” he said.

Mr Daniels said he would like to recruit “these lost” children who are seen walking to the scrap yard to sell stuff so they can have something to eat during walk-abouts.

“They need help to get a job but how can they get a job if they are addicted to drugs,” he said.

During the patrol they found a Ubereats scooter, with its ignition ripped out, the driver missing and the food gone but the driver’s phone was in the bag.

The driver was hijacked in Beaufighter Road and the vehicle dumped in Viscount Road.

Also on patrol was Ashley Potts, councillor for Ward 81, who traced the owner at KFC Bonjour on the corner of Spine Road and Weltevreden Driveway, who came to collect the vehicle.

Outside another suspicious house Mr Potts said neighbours have become rather complacent of living next door to derelict houses.

“They can draw up petitions and contact asset forfeiture to seize these properties,” he said.

He said neighbours should call law enforcement and SAPS to keep them informed about activities in their road.

Danny Christians, councillor for Ward 79, which includes Portland, parts of Rocklands and Strandfontein, who also lives in Rocklands said the community needed to stand together.

On Friday they also visited the home of Perez Allies, in Viscount Road. Less than 24-hours later, on Saturday August 26 at 7.10pm he was shot dead in the head on the corner of Sunderland and Lightning Road.

Western Cape police spokesman Sergeant Wesley Twigg said the motive for the attack was gang-related.

He said a case of murder was being investigated.

“Police members attended to the crime scene where they found the victim with gunshot wounds to his body.

“The victim was declared deceased on the scene by paramedics,” he said.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with any information about this shooting incident may call Crime Stop on 086 001 0111.

Pictured left is Ashley Potts, councillor for Ward 81, checking a hijacked Ubereats scooter.