Rocklands dietitian helps families with food project

Collette Golding receives a food donation from Rocklands dietitian Jade Russouw.

A Rocklands dietitian has helped 10 families with food parcels during the festive season.

Jade Russouw, 24, started her Fill-A-Bag project in December.

“I believe hunger is not an issue of charity rather an issue of injustice. Being hungry isn’t just a feeling we get when we haven’t eaten but plays a crucial role in our everyday living and functioning,” she said.

“I have made it my duty to make an impact within. I have put together a parcel of nutritionally adequate non-perishables which can feed up to a family of four.”

Also included are two pamphlets: a shopping list for healthy foods and advice on how to enrich staple foods.

“The act of giving and helping someone in need brings me an immense amount of gratitude, not only by being fortunate enough to help the next person but knowing that I, alongside the help of my donors, have made a difference no matter how small. I believe that together we can make a difference,” she said.

Ward councillor Ashley Potts thanked Ms Russouw for helping the families in the community.

Inshaaf Latief, whose family was one of those that received food parcels, said, “Thank you so much for helping us. May you always be blessed in your endeavours, and thank you for your efforts.”

Ms Russouw said she had initially planned to run the project through the festive season, but there had been such a good response from the people she had helped and those who had donated to her cause that she now hoped to keep the project running and help more families.

The former Mondale High School pupil studied dietetics at the University of Stellenbosch. “I used the skills and knowledge that I had attained to develop a healthier lifestyle as I always struggled with being overweight. After doing this, I found myself feeling better mentally, physically and psychologically.”

She said malnutrition was prevalent in both children and adults, and it could present either as obesity or being underweight. “Our people are not educated about the importance of nutrition, and it’s my duty to address this. We need to remember that a healthy outside starts from the inside.”

For more information, follow the initiative on Instagram under, on Facebook or WhatsApp Ms Russouw at 067 760 0828.