Library ticked off Spine Road High’s bucket list

Matric pupils Dylan Smith and Alex Pruitt reading the books in the library.

Spine Road High School pupils in Rocklands now have access to books and the internet after their school library opened on Thursday September 7, a day before International Literacy Day.

Principal Riyaadh Najaar said a library has been on the school’s bucket list for many years.

Mr Najaar said the school received R10 000 from Adele Searll for the library in 1995.

“When our hall was built, the (False Bay) college was using the venue, when they moved we decided to use part of the hall for our library. Our pupils now have access to various books, computers and the internet,” he said.

Mr Najaar said access to community libraries are limited, and pupils will be able to use the library during the day and after school.

He added that there are 15 library monitors to make sure that the facility is looked after.

Mr Najaar said they also have literacy classes, which is run by an NGO, Kaleidoscope. September is also Literacy Month.

Fadiela Davids from Kaleidoscope said a school library is essential as it gives pupils access to information.

“The library has current books for pupils, fiction and non-fiction, and they can study and do their projects in a the study area.

“Knowledge is power, and we are happy that we are able to provide them with the tools and resources, to help them in their schooling,” she said.

Pupils also have access to local news stories, and a pamphlet collection with information on various topics, including the water restrictions in place.

Matric pupil Alex Pruitt said having a library on the school grounds is convenient and is a great tool.

“Pupils will be able to do their projects and study in the library where there is peace and quiet,” he said.

The school is still in need of books. Ms Davids said they need, good, current and age-appropriate books for their library. If you can help, call the school on 021 392 9463.