‘Plain school marching towards glory

Pupils march during a practice session.

The drilling squad of Huguenot Primary School in Tafelsig is working around the clock for the upcoming Mitchell’s Plain Schools Marching and Drilling Competition.

It will be the first year Huguenot participates in the competition, which is a Mitchell’s Plain SAPS initiative.

The competition will see 22 primary and high schools competing at Stephen Reagan sports field in Westridge on Saturday October 14.

The Plainsman is the media partner for this year’s competition, which is organised by Midea Events.

Coach Joseph Williams said the team of 37 pupils were dedicated and very enthusiastic. Come sun or rain, they practise daily from 2.30pm to 5pm and also on a Saturday. The youngest is 6 and eldest 14.

“It is wonderful to see how eager they are and you can see it by them attending practices, taking what they learn seriously.

With all the crime in our area, being part of the drilling team keeps them off the streets. Drilling teaches them discipline but also to listen and follow instructions. And like in life, we encourage them to listen to instructions that will have a positive impact or influence on their lives,” he said.

Mr Williams said they were like a family and should help and lift each other up. “It is important to teach our young people to support each other and most importantly look after each other. It is not easy being part of the drilling team; it takes hard work because you have to listen to the music and get the moves right. So you do get one or two people making a mistake, but we encourage them to support and help each other instead of screaming and getting angry,” he said.

Mr Williams was a member of the South African Army and is teaching some of his skills to pupils. He added that their team was ready for the competition and would like to thank their supporters.

Grade 6 pupil Tamia Leo,12, said she enjoyed being part of the drilling team and looked forward to the competition in October.

“Being part of the marching band teaches you discipline and how to work part of a team. We are taught to follow instructions and how to communicate with our fellow members. I look forward to the sessions, because it is fun and I always end up learning something,” she said.

The team are running fund-raisers and anyone who would like to support them can phone 081 230 9610 or 081 520 6976.