Good Samaritan

Desiree Davids, Vanessa Oostendorp and Margaret Weitz hand lunch to Erin Fortuin, 10, and Raoul Pietersen, 10.

Vanessa Oostendorp, from Kitty Hawk Street in Rocklands, is grateful that she can share what the Lord has given her, with her neighbours. Ms Oostendorp has been feeding people for about 20 years, first at her church and then at home. Earlier this year she and her partner Margaret Weitz registered their feeding scheme as Vanessa’s Kitchen. The two women, with the help of Ms Oostendorp’s daughter-in-law Janice cook every Tuesday. On Thursday December 1, they distributed about 100 party packs and lunch for children and adults. Last Thursday, December 8, they handed out Christmas hampers.The kitchen is closed for the year but the women welcome any donations to help feed their neighbours.