City honours the Plain’s community workers

Twenty-four Mitchell’s Plain activists and organisations were honoured for their service at this year’s mayoral community service awards.

Mayor Dan Plato’s office hosted a virtual awards ceremony acknowledging the community service work of individuals, groups and organisations in 12 categories in each of the City’s 24 sub-councils on Tuesday June 29.

Recipients in the Wolfgat Sub-council (Westridge, Rocklands, Portland, Beacon Valley, Eastridge and Tafelsig) and Sub-council 23 (Strandfontein, Colorado Park, Woodlands, Samora Machel and Lentegeur) were given time slots and different venues from which to collect their award and take-away dinners for them and their partners.

Residents nominated recipients who had impacted their communities positively and displayed a track record.

Pastor Dean Ford, from the Beacon Valley Resurrection Project, and the 9 Miles Project, based at Strandfontein Pavilion, won social support awards.

The faith-based group aims to encourage family-wellness that will influence a healthy and safe community, while the 9 Miles Project seeks to empower and encourage young people through surfing.

Adrian Bothma, a teacher at Beacon Hill High School, and Lentegeur resident Nazeema Abrahams, co-founders of Paradis4Kids, received awards for youth empowerment – for linking young people to dedicated services aimed at developing the youth.

The award came as a shock and a surprise but he felt honoured and grateful to have been nominated for the award – and to have received it, said Mr Bothma.

“I do not take it lightly that I have received this prestigious award in my second year of teaching,” he said.

“I was always empowered as a young person and I was guided by my previous youth leaders and mentors. Winning this award means I get to honour the legacy of those who have empowered me, invested in me and believed in me and now I get to do the same for future generations. This award is dedicated to the people who have come before me,” said Mr Bothma.

Adrian Bothma, a teacher at Beacon Hill High School, received an award for youth empowerment.

Ms Abrahams said winning the award had made her cry, adding that she had shared the news with all the sponsors and donors as they were an integral part of this venture. The award, she said, was for all of them.

Nazeema Abrahams with her award.

“I never thought about winning any award as the work I do in the community isn’t for acknowledgement, it’s for the sake of the children and out of love.

“I immediately called my mum and shared the news with her. It felt good winning the award, all praises are due to the Almighty for granting me the strength and courage to do what I do for orphans and underprivileged children in our communities,” she said.

Colorado Park resident Benita Diener, the outgoing president of Lions Club of Mitchell’s Plain, was acknowledged for her work in the field of women empowerment.

Glenda Arendse, chairwoman of Lentegeur East Neighbourhood Watch, and Colorado Park residenr Benita Diener, outgoing president of Lions Club of Mitchell’s Plain, were acknowledged for their women empowerment service.

Ms Diener said: “Although there was no glitz and glamour on the award’s night, our hearts are grateful and warm for this recognition.”

Mitchell’s Plain Community Police Forum’s Tafelsig East Sub Forum member Kashiefa Reegan, and Lentegeur musician and founder of the Deen Louw Foundation, D’Louw were honoured as peace workers.

Pictured right is Lentegeur musician and founder of Deen Louw Foundation, D’Louw, honoured as a peace worker.

D’Louw thanked the City for the acknowledgement.

“The Deen Louw Foundation finally gets the little recognition it deserves through sheer dedication and unselfish deeds in and around the Western Cape,” he said.

The 28-year-old foundation helps the homeless, the destitute and the needy.

He said they received donations and volunteered their services without receiving financial support from the government.

“This award is an affirmation that someone out there was taking note of our work. The people nominated our foundation saying: ’We see you. We know your work and today we acknowledge your work’,” he said.

Community business empowerment recipients were Waste Carriers, in Philippi, and Vernon Fortune from Tafelsig.

For providing care, support and guidance to children, Arisen Women, from New Woodlands, and walking bus member Shahieda Adams, from Tafelsig, received the children support award.

Talent nurturing and development award recipient Magedien Fredericks, from London Village.

Talent nurturing and development recipients Leonie Meyer, from Beacon Valley, and Magedien Fredericks, from London Village, were acknowledged for providing a service or support to sports development, music, and discovery of various other talents at a grassroots level.

Lentegeur East Neighbourhood Watch and Tafelsig East Neighbourhood Watch were acknowledged for their contribution to safety development and awareness by initiating, creating awareness and participating in safety development programmes.

Rashmiyah Lucas, from London Village, Leadership award recipient.

Leadership award winners House of Restoration, in New Lentegeur, and Rashmiyah Lucas, from London Village, we commended for their “selfless leadership at grassroots level”.

Anne Africa, from Lentegeur West, and Carol Mentor, from Beacon Valley, received community bravery awards for facing challenging situations and helping a fellow resident.

Pastor Cecil Isaacs, from Lentegeur East, and Ganief Thompson, from Tafelsig West, were named the community heroes for 2021, in acknowledgement for their sacrifices made for the benefit of the community.

Fatima Community Feeding Scheme, from Tafelsig, and Hope Again Recovery Church, were acknowledged in the category for organisations, having implement hands-on solutions for community issues, especially where they improve the lives of the underprivileged.