Portland woman, 98, dies

A Portland woman who often prayed for the well-being of her neighbours and those who came knocking at her door for prayers, died on Tuesday June 29.

Hester Louw, 98, from Portland, died.

Hester Louw, 98, who was among the first to move into Portland, breathed her last at home, surrounded by her family.

She was married twice and from each marriage had four children. Of the eight, four have died.

She is survived by her children Katy Alexander, 74, Eddie Adams, 64, Desireé Floegel, 63, and Andrew Louw, 57.

Ms Louw had 34 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren.

Her granddaughter Marlene Thaver, 57, who had cared for her in the last five years, said Ms Louw used to spread the word of God and often people would ask her to pray for them.

Ms Louw, born on June 12 1923 in Oudtshoorn, moved into her Portland family home more than 30 years ago.

Ms Thaver said her grandmother did not like lying in bed and had been on her feet days before her death.

Ms Louw was a dressmaker and only stopped sewing about five years ago, when she stitched her own sheets.

She used to make clothes which Ms Thaver and her uncle Mr Louw would go door-to-door selling.

She loved her garden, where she had a guava tree and figs, from which she would make konfyt and distribute to her loved ones.

Ms Louw loved to bake and in April she baked two milk tarts, one for her older daughter and the other for the neighbour.

She was a member of the Church of Christ, in Eastridge, which she attended until just before the national Covid-19 lockdown last year.

“She helped many people with their faith and also baptised them,” she said.

Ms Louw read her bible daily and in her last week she watched a video, which consoled her in the event of her passing.

Her funeral was held yesterday Tuesday July 6 at the Eastridge church.