Lentegeur rapper keeps it raw and real

Lentegeur rapper, The Narrator CPT, released his latest track called The King’s Speech.

Lentegeur rapper The Narrator CPT has released his latest track called The King’s Speech.

Alex Damons, 19, said the track is a reminder to all to treat themselves as royalty and remain confident.

“This is just something I’ve had on my mind for quite a long time. I really loved the idea of having a track named The King’s Speech, reminding the people to remain confident and treat themselves like kings and queens. The verses cover many topics,” he said.

The King’s Speech was produced by Aidan Natus and released on Wednesday November 30.

Another track he’s featured on is Ons Het It on Keenan Flowers’ album. The track and music video dropped a few weeks ago.

The Narrator had the opportunity to be in the music video in September of When I’m Gone, a track by YoungstaCPT, 2017 winner for lyricist of the year and SAMA-nominee, and rapper KashCPT.

KashCPT said The Narrator CPT should keep at what he is doing.

“This was something I really enjoyed and something I’m grateful for. What stood out was the professionalism, I always try to operate on the highest level possible. To learn from those guys was an amazing experience,” he said.

This rap artist, songwriter, and singer said he’s able to be as flexible and versatile as possible when it comes to his craft. “I do not want to be seen as a one trick pony, I want to learn how to master different genres. Not only, rap,” said The Narrator.

He’s inspired by many artists, J Cole in particular whose storytelling ability is amazing, he said. He wants to be as good as he is with telling a story, and expressing himself.

“This art makes me want to inspire. There are not as many coloured people who have a voice, someone who speaks for them, stands with them and makes music that they can relate to. This is the main reason I do what I do by inspiring the mind of the next person and the youth more importantly,” he said.

The former Mondale High School pupil said people should listen to his music because it’s something completely different. It’s real, it’s raw and it’s authentic.

“I highlight the good and the bad of being a coloured, while also trying to suggest solutions to certain problems,” he said.

He is looking forward to the new year as there are many plans in place for new music, videos and creativity, he said.

“I’m somebody who comes from nothing, I know what it’s like to have absolutely nothing, but that doesn’t define me. My situation is fuel and motivation for me to work even harder. It just adds more to the story. If you are going through a tough time, work hard. Don’t give up. There’s a reason why God put you in that situation, and that is to make the victory much sweeter at the end, trust me,” said The Narrator CPT.

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