Championship mentality fuels Southside Heat’s winning streak

Coach Randall Green holding a team talk with his Southside Heat squad.

Southside Heat, under the leadership of coach Randall Green, is not merely participating in the Cape Town Softball Federation; they have set their sights on success by the end of the season.

Green is confident in the team’s capabilities and is eyeing both the league honours and the KO Challenge trophy, a combination that would firmly establish Heat as heavyweights in the Major League division.

While Green acknowledges that there will be challenges posed by other clubs, he remains optimistic about their potential.

Currently topping the standings in their division, Heat has showcased a championship mentality, securing wins in closely contested games.

“This season hasn’t been entirely smooth for us, and in a few games, we were down but managed to come back and win,” Green said, emphasising the team’s resilience.

He believes that the team’s competitiveness this season positions them as strong contenders, having lost only once.

The success of the current team is expected to attract more members to the club, contributing to the growth of the Heat brand.

“The club is looking to stay competitive and grow in numbers. We’re hopefully looking to open a second team, and if numbers grow, hopefully more teams,” said Green.

With nine games played and only one loss, Southside Heat continues to assert their dominance.

In the recent matches on Sunday at Turfhall, the team defeated Hamilton Black 11-0 and Hamilton Green 12-7, further boosting team morale.

“At this moment, our team morale is through the roof, as you can imagine with a team playing so well, and I strive to keep it that way, win or lose,” said Green.

Despite their success, Green acknowledges that there is always room for improvement.

The focus remains on building on the positive results achieved thus far, ensuring that Southside Heat maintains their competitive edge in the league.

Denzil Wiener finds space to move to third base in the only fixture they lost this season against Yankees.
Luca Alexander edges one to behind the Westridge Yankees catcher in last week’s encounter.