Volunteers need our recognition

Michael Jacobs, Mitchell’s Plain United Residents’ Association (Mura) deputy chairman

In Mitchell’s Plain, we know that our volunteers have big hearts that bring smiles to the faces of those they help, whether it be the lonely elderly person, children in need of love and care, the hungry visiting soup kitchens or victims of violence and abuse.

I do not wish to name specific individuals or organisations for fear of leaving someone out, but these volunteers are our unsung heroes who at times remain in the background as they see their acts of selfless giving as a gift from God to others.

They who have so little themselves are willing to spend their only penny just to make someone else’s life a little bit easier.

Many voluntary or non-government organisations would not be able to run without volunteers, and even government departments lean heavily on these volunteers especially in the social-services and mental-health fields.

So it is with that in mind that the Mura wishes to acknowledge the indispensable role volunteers and NGOs play in creating a better Mitchell’s Plain.

On Friday September 29, Mura will host an awards ceremony in honour of these volunteers, and I would like to encourage you to nominate a worthy individual within your community or organisation in order to acknowledge the work that they have been doing over the years.