Home Affairs

Ricardo Mackenzie, Member of the provincial legislature

“Call for Home Affairs to improve service” (Plainsman April 20) refers.

The DA Mitchell’s Plain is happy with some of the concessions but seriously worried with the lack of detail or clear project plan on their new offices. In the meantime winter is coming and clients will continue to stand in the rain.

Their response on this particular point is concerning. We need to ask our community to work with and alert law enforcement on vandalism to ensure our governmental assets, which are their assets, are protected.

We are extremely concerned that only two mobile units are functional, serving millions of people that can’t go to Home Affairs. This is a disaster as many people can’t afford to go to Home Affairs.

It is heartbreaking that they only have five IT district officers serving the whole of the Western Cape. This is a massive failure from Home Affairs and one can only imagine the pressure these individuals are under.

We urgently call on the National (Department of) Home Affairs to look at the staffing model and ensure at least one IT person is employed at each office.

  • Plainsman has reached out to Home Affairs several times but they have not responded.