Good work SASSA Mitchell’s Plain

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Sandra Napier, Portland

I hereby wish to relate my satisfactory service at the Mitchell’s Plain South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) offices on Wednesday January 31.

For years many have pulled an unpleasant cloud over the SASSA offices with bad service so to speak.

I am humbled by the good services I received from the SASSA offices.

I observed how efficient and smooth their service is with the infirm and wheelchair bound clients.

I also observed how much their services have improved regarding long queues outside and the system they have in place now, so much so that I have seen there is no need to sacrifice your sleep to enter their gates at 3am, like many still do.

If people take note of their system that is in place it’s obvious and very clear that arriving at their offices so early is not necessary.

Many people who attended their offices have echoed this sentiment.

All it takes to keep this efficient system in place is for us as people to exercise patience.

We are all imperfect. Yes, we will still find a few hiccups here and there but if we adhere and check our paperwork with the requirement list there would be no need to go back and forth.

People have to avoid asking the person in front of them or behind them in the line for information. That is where we go wrong because everyone in the line comes for different things. Best is to ask the SASSA official directly what you need to know.

To all the clerks at SASSA Mitchell’s Plain, well done.

With my observation of a much better and smooth operating SASSA office I wish to thank a few workers that I have noticed go that extra mile to assist people with disabilities also making time shorter in lines.

Firstly the lady who assists outside, Sibo, the gentleman at enquiries Joseph, a lady by the name of Nuraan last but not least a gentleman by the name of Vusi.

Thanks so much to all at the SASSA offices in Mitchell’s Plain for your hard work that brought about a better and quicker system.

All management and staff at SASSA Mitchell’s Plain, keep up the good work.