Excellent service

Graham Martin, Lentegeur.

I have read many articles about state hospitals from dissatisfied people but would like to give input from my recent experience at Mitchell’s Plain District Hospital.

I was discharged on Thursday May 13. My surgery (had been) scheduled for Monday May 10 (but) on the morning of the operation a doctor doing ward rounds had re-analysed my symptoms and after further testing, the operation was suspended.

As a result, further testing revealed a hidden problem and now I will receive an all-in-one repair. I am dumbstruck by such incredible analytical excellence. My sincere gratitude to the entire medical complement. There is the misconception that such excellence can only be expected from expensive hospitals.

The medical and support staff (student pre-graduates) have such a caring and patient attitude that is so soothing, a reassuring attitude that inspires confidence and the nursing staff gets the job done so efficiently.

Florence Nightingale would be so proud of them and the support staff. I am eternally grateful for the respect and indulgence showed towards me and the other patients. This is a world class facility and my ratings would not have enough numbers to allocate. Thank you, you superstars.