Call to aid

Abdul Majiet Leeman, chairman of Khiedma Tul Insaan

We are a non-profit organisation (NPC 2021/365830/08) feeding scheme, whose mission it is to provide nutritious meals to the most vulnerable and needy in the community of Lentegeur and the surrounding areas.

We have undertaken the challenge of cooking twenty 100-litre pots of food (akni) for the day Eid-ul-Fitr (depending on the sighting of the moon on Wednesday May 12).

The organisation is in need of the following items in order to be successful in this venture: 300kg of meat; 400kg of rice; 40litres of cooking oil; 20kg of butter; 20kg of akni masala mix; 10kg of dry spices; 120 bunches of coriander or dhania; seven gas tanks; 7 gas burners; and cash towards the water and electricity bills.

We would greatly value, appreciate and accept any donation or sponsorship in cash or kind.

This would help us feed those less fortunate.

Thank you in advance for your support.

For more information and to donate visit us at 22 Kameeldoring Street, in Lentegeur, call me on 081 326 6004 or secretary Mogamat Yushri Cassiem on 072 893 9842 or email