Broken Road fixed

Keith Alfred Adolph Blake, Ottery

A few days ago while I was fishing at my favourite spot dubbed “Broken Road”, because of its former state, on Fisherman’s Lane in Strandfontein, I noticed this crowd of people coming from the tidal pool straight towards me.

At first I thought they were Law Enforcement officers as they came with purpose and determination.

As they approached I notice that this crowd of people were lead by councillor Elton Jansen, for Ward 43 including Strandfontein and parts of Philippi, whom I know very well in dealing with numerous issues, especially in the fight to upgrade the badly damaged and dangerous Broken Road.

Before I could even greet, Mr Jansen told the group that this is Mr Keith Blake who originally started the battle to get Broken Road upgraded since 2016 and never stopped until the City initiated R29 million to upgrade it and the upgrade the councillor was referring to is almost completed.

At this the men and women in the group with councillors, officials and the project manager, other unknown civic and other officials made comments that it was an honour to meet me and each one in the group as per the attached pictures shook my hands and some hugged me.

I then was asked how my battle started to get Broken Road upgraded and what I thought of the almost finished upgrade by end September 2023.

I responded that I can thank the media, Mr Jansen and City of Cape Town manager for coastal, environmental management, spatial planning and environment Gregg Oelofse, the beach amenity manager and later other fishermen living in Strandfontein, who came on board in a positive manner and the council who funded the project which is intended for the betterment of beachgoers and fishermen.

The beach is now a pleasant place to visit, with no more huge craters and now also a stairway next to the pool, upgraded parking with high light poles, toilets close to the beach, a board walk, 25 new braai areas, a play park for children and a huge statue of a sea snail.

I made an appeal that the City must ensure that dirt bins are placed on the beach to encourage decent disposal of waste and not illegal mini dumping which has a negative affect on the environment, sea life and bird life.

I also proposed that signage boards need to be placed on the new upgraded beach with rules.

I ended the conversation by stating that I have only received positive comments from the numerous fishermen who have been fishing here for years of the new look, much better upgraded Broken Road.