Women of honour

William Simmers, Mitchell’s Plain Community Advice and Development Project co-ordinator

For Women’s Month, the Mitchell’s Plain Community Advice and Development Project wants to honour women who dedicate their
lives working in communities like Mitchell`s Plain with the most vulnerable and marginalised people.

Some of these women are: Daphne Jansen, Charlotte Maseti, Debra Bailey, Charlotte Williams, Cynthia Smith, Salaama Michaels, Mymoena Richards, Beatrice Roberts, Mischa Keraan, Beatrice Lang, Amiena Coetzee, Nadeema Petersen, Lynne Phillips, Geraldine Young, Alfreda Kennedy, Brenda Leonard, Shameema Fritz, Beryl Saaiman, Rachel Maude Nelson, Carol Mentor, Maggie Villette, Magrietta Louw, Feroza Louw, Jainap Amod, Dilshaad de Vries, Kaylynn Palm, Simoné* de Bruin, Annette Joubert, Mareldia Sonday, Dawn Adams, Jasmine Harris, Shahieda Dudley and Gerry Alexander.

These women are volunteering in the community; some of them are professionals working in the community of Mitchell’s Plain.

This organisation would like to thank these women for their assistance to the ordinary, marginalised people of Mitchell’s Plain. We will be hosting an event in their honour. We also want to thank all working women; the policewomen, nurses and teachers for their unselfish dedication to their jobs.

The event will take place on Tuesday August 15 at the Town Centre library, at 11am. It will focus on labour-related issues, maternity benefits, equality in the workplace and workmen’s compensation.

Call 021 392 2000 for details.