Well done, matrics

Solomon Philander, Wolfgat Sub-council chairman and councillor for Ward 79

On behalf of Sub Council 12, I would like to commend the class of 2019 for their hard work and dedication to finishing their last year of high school.

To everyone who challenged themselves last year, to everyone who did not give up, I want to salute you.

It is so easy to get trapped within the struggles of the community but those pupils who continued to push through and commit themselves need to be acknowledged.

I want to congratulate the pupils who successfully passed the exams.

In 2020 there are many opportunities South Africa has to offer them.

By using these prospects, they can improve their life and positively contribute to the community.

To the candidates that were unsuccessful in obtaining the National Senior Certificate (NSC), this is not the end for you.

You can prove to yourself that it is possible and you can overcome your challenges.

By communicating with your teachers you will not only receive the necessary help you need but the necessary tools you need in order to re-apply to re-write and pass.

To all the parents and guardians: Congratulations on your child’s achievement. The amount of support you give your child reflects their accomplishments, as it motivates and encourages them.

In the same breath to those parents whose children were unsuccessful I ask that you continue supporting your child as this is not the end of the road. Encourage your child to re-write and access support programs to achieve the NSC.

We cannot go into the new year without recognising our teachers.

They have a responsibility to prepare your child for the challenges of the future and they mould the generations that need to carry our country forward.

They do this with many challenges, including limited resources, different dynamics of pupils and social ills.

So, I salute you and wish you all the best going forward.

Finally, as we left the mark in 2019, we challenge the class of 2020 to raise the bar and achieve better results.

Wishing all pupils, teachers and parents a great 2020.

To the successful pupils who will be entering tertiary level education in 2020, we wish you well and all the success for the future.