Work readiness programme offer

Registered non-profit organisation, Town Centre Institute, which teaches basic to advanced computer skills, is excited to offer young and old the opportunity to reduce unemployment and improve their job status.

The four-year-old institute will this year offer a work readiness programme, through which students can learn about time management, curriculum vitae updates, customer service, communication and workplace etiquette.

The computer classroom is located at Shop 8, the Plain Building, 14 Alegro Lane in Town Centre.

They offer intermediate to advanced computer skills, which students can request and a management development programme, which will be accredited to the Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Services SETA).

The institute is owned by Al Ikhlaas Islamic Trust, a non-profit organisation, which sees to the community’s educational needs and supports students with bursaries, like the Muslim Education Hospital Welfare organisation and Town Centre Mosque.

Taahir Khalfe, a project manager for Al Ikhlaas Islamic Trust, custodian of Town Centre Mosque and now of the computer centre, said they wanted to empower the community.

The institute also offers day programmes, a three-month course, Monday to Friday, either in the morning or afternoon.

Skills development manager Mahmood Nagdee said they would like to improve participants’ standing in the workplace, by upskilling them.

“The programmes are geared towards people who have been disadvantaged, not had many opportunities, pensioners, business owners and people who want to develop themselves further,” he said.

Courses are available at differing costs, but fees could be waived following registration and bursary application on Friday January 31. For more information, call Taahir Khalfe on 021 391 6697, 072 558 1397, email, visit, find them on LinkedIn Town Centre Institute or Instagram: Town Centre Institute.