Voters have their say

Despite the cold and rain, voters came out in their numbers to elect their local government representatives on Monday November 1. The Plainsman spoke to voters at Alpine Primary School and Oval North High School voting stations about their experience.

Alex Eslar, 21, from Morgenster said her voting experience had been quick and easy. “I voted for the DA hoping that they can bring about change to the country and the city. It’s important to vote as that’s your way of raising your voice as an individual.Your power is in your vote,” she said.
Delina Keyster, 64, from Morgenster said she had had no problems voting at Oval North where she had been able to wait inside the school, sheltered from the rain. “I came to vote as our children need this. It was however very exciting to come out and do this,” she said.Her son, Jason Keyster, 38, from Morgenster accompanied her, but could not vote as he was not a registered voter.
Monica Hendricks, 66, from Beacon Valley said when she arrived it wasn’t raining and it took her less than five minutes to place her vote. “I am doing this for my children, grandchildren and for a better life,” she said.
Rukaya Fortune, 63, from Beacon Valley said she waited a while in line at Alpine Primary School, but once inside, voting went quickly. “It is important to vote. Knowing who you are voting for and what the newly elected person will do in the ward is important as this will impact your vote,” she said.
Community activist Dean Ramjoomia said while his voting experience had been smooth and efficient, he felt pensioners could have been dealt with more efficiently. “It was important that I vote to hold the newly elected party and its leaders accountable. It’s very important that the councillor’s elect, except without offence that there be no free lunch in the ward with so many challenges,,” he said. “I’d love to be a part of a community dialogue to hold the incoming ward councillors accountable in our communities. This is really needed. The new leaders should make their intentions clear and known for the next five years of their term,” said Mr Ramjoomia.