Shaping future leaders

Assistant coach Saarah de Kock, member Quanitah Scholtz, 8, and assistant coach Chelsey Maart, 13, with coach Paul Davey.

Members of Wolverines Marching Academy are harnessing their talents and learning what it takes to be leaders and to change their communities.

The academy is based at Westville Primary School, in Westridge.

Coach Paul Davey, from Woodlands, and his wife Saadiqa started the academy for pupils who fell short of making the cut for the school’s team to enter this year’s competition, held annually during October.

Mr Davey coaches both the school and the academy teams, grooming the pupils to potentially become a part of the school’s team.

The Daveys, parents and assistant coaches Saarah de Kock, 14, and Chelsey Maart, 13, meet with up to 94 children, aged between four and 17, at the school, every Friday between 3pm and 5pm.

Mr Davey said he was exceptionally proud of the children who showed up to better themselves and chose not to be part of gangs or stand on the street corners.

“We have a beginners’ group and an intermediate group, who are transformed from something small into something bigger just like a wolverine,” Ms Davey said.

Both Saarah and Chelsey are former members of the school’s marching and drill squad, who volunteer their time with the academy.

They are very excited and enjoy being a part of the “academy family”.

Emily Youle, 9, from Bayview, said she enjoyed the drilling and being among her peers.

For more information and or to join, drop in at their weekly training or call Mrs Davey on 062 182 6766.