Solar power

Pupils at Cascade Primary School.

Pupils at Cascade Primary School, in Tafelsig, received Little Sun solar lamps from Liberty Promenade shopping centre on Wednesday March 13. They can use their lamps during Earth Hour, a global event, which takes place on Saturday March 30, between 8.30pm and 9.30pm, when millions of people will switch off electric lights, to symbolise their commitment to saving the planet. Najeeba Ebrahim, marketing manager for the centre, said: “Our aim is to create awareness of preserving our resources and shedding light on what individuals can do to for the environment”. This is one of a few projects they will embark on this year to encourage environmental awareness.

The little solar lights provide green, cost-free energy, and has no negative impact on the environment. They are rechargeable in the sun. They are small, lightweight lamps which the children can carry with them wherever they go. It provides light for studying in the evenings or when walking in the dark, assisting pupils in their education and safety.