Road safety

Opel Cartel Community Outreach and charity car clubs Urban Crew, Stay Humble, T3bus Lovers, German Freaks, Smoking Axel’s, Big Chief, Nissan ga16 held a road-safety protest on AZ Berman Drive, on Saturday June 24. From left, are members of Opel Cartel Community Outreach, Nahwaal de Villiers, president Faaiek De Villiers, Tasleem Hendricks and Zayaan Hendricks.
Referring to the five primary school pupils killed in a crash in May, the president of the Opel Cartel Community Outreach, Faaiek De Villiers, said, “We had enough. We don’t stand for such behaviour on the road. It was high time we stood up to this. We are concerned parents and felt the loss of those five pupils who died on AZ Berman Drive and for every human being who lost their lives on that road.” For more information, contact Mr De Villiers at