Programme improves EMS marks

Accounting teachers Nadir and Ayesha Lukie, and Spine Road High School principal Riyaad Najaar speak about the product.

Spine Road High School improved their accounting marks by 100 percent after taking part in the Dralix Accounting programme recently.

To celebrate the achievements of the 340 Grade 8 pupils who took part in the programme, an award ceremony was held at the school on Wednesday March 29.

The Dralix programme and product was developed by Ebony and Ivory Consultancy, with a toolkit and app to assist high school pupils in economics and management science (EMS).

Grade 8 pupil Likho Kutane, one of the pupils who received an award for most improved marks, said using the kit had been helpful.

“The kit helps you understand the subject much better. Once you understand certain concepts then you enjoy the subject. I like EMS because it’s interesting – and now it’s even more fun,” he said.

The programme was run at the school from February 16 to March 24, with pupils writing tests before and after, to monitor their improvement.

Accounting teacher Nadir Lukie said the programme enabled pupils to visualise EMS (which includes accounting and business studies) concepts.

“The concepts includes assets, liabilities, expenses and income. This is great, it keeps pupils interested and motivated in class. EMS is subject that is good for our pupils as there are many job opportunities and most importantly they can go back home and implement things such as budgeting,” he said.

Spine Road High School principal Riyaad Najaar said he was proud of the pupils and would expect better results over the next few terms.

“It was amazing to see the results of the pupils in the subject. It is great that we were able to be the first school in the country to take part, and that it works,” he said.

CEO and developer of Dralix Accounting products, Henk Koekemoer said the products work in conjunction with the accounting curriculum at high schools.

“Within the one month, the improvement of pupils marks went from 7/20 in baseline test to 14/20 at a post test.

“In other words, the learners improved their marks by 100 percent in one month of using the Dralix Accounting toolkit. The toolkits stay the property of the pupils for the rest of their school career and can be used until Grade 10,” he said.

The programme was funded by HSBC Bank.