No peace, no votes

Rozario Brown, Eastridge

As an adult, I also wish to apologise for the embarrassing inaction on the part of government in terms of protecting our most vulnerable people. Allow me to use this opportunity to condemn the inaction of politicians, both at provincial and national level, in dealing with the escalating gang warfare on the Cape Flats whose responsibility it is in terms of fighting crime.

These politicians are too consumed with their own petty party political activities, that they have totally forgotten about us on the Cape Flats, which have become killing fields, but we see little to no action from those who have the tools available to bring down these high levels of violence.

Politicians should stop issuing press statements and condemning the violence in the hope that these criminals would suddenly start listening to their silent pleas.

Police are doing all in their power to fight heavily armed gangs, however, they are under-resourced and the gangsters know this.

The community can no longer risk their lives by giving information about known criminals and testifying in courts, while their safety cannot be guaranteed by the state.

Yes, we who live among these domestic terrorists and that’s what they are. We are desperately trying to stay within the law, which makes it impossible for us to stand up against these criminals.

Those with legal firearms are too afraid to use these weapons even when they are confronted with intruders in their own homes, because they feel the law is on the side of the criminals.

Police officers are too afraid to use force when confronted with known violent criminals, because they too are afraid of being hauled before the courts for using force against some of the most brutal criminals.

Inaction on the part of politicians appears to be the major force behind the spiralling violence in our country.

I hereby call upon all decent, peace loving and remaining politicians with a bit of integrity left, to stand up and be counted.

You promised our people a better life. However, all we are experiencing is more of the same empty promises and rhetoric.

Our sons and daughters, our senior citizens and some of our most vulnerable people, can no longer leave their homes, because they fear being mugged, raped and killed.

Business owners can no longer be sure of returning home at night. I urge people to stop voting unless those with political power deal with the gang and drugs issues.

Our votes guarantees these politicians a handsome and stable income for five years, while we receive nothing but violence and instability, in return. It’s abnormal to live with these levels of violence.

In some parts of the world where there’s civil wars raging the level of violence and death tolls are much lower than some parts of the Cape Flats. No peace, no votes in 2019.

These letters have been shortened.