Problem not solved

Mogamat Asheeq Floris, Lentegeur

I have a complaint about a store in Promenade Mall, Computer Mania.

I am very upset and angry about the bad service and bad business that they are giving to people.

I bought a set of headphones late last year and it only lasted a month. One of the speaker’s did not work and they refused to replace it.

They said there was nothing wrong with it but the one side of the speaker’s headphones did not play.

Then I told them to try a new set of headphones, which they did and could hear there was a problem.

They replaced the earphones on September 10 but it only lasted for three months and it had a six-month warranty.

While I was recording a song in my studio the same right side of the headphone just fell off while recording.

I returned it to the store on Tuesday January 8 and explained the situation but they blamed and accused me of damaging it.

This is not right what they are doing to the people. I urge and recommend everyone not to purchase products from Computer Mania in Promenade Mall. They’re just taking your money and not taking their customers as serious and honest buyers.

Frances Lombard, from Computer Mania, responds: We have been able to trace the specific case.

From what we could identify, Mr Floris took receipt of the headset on October 9 last year.

This particular model has a 12-month warranty. On Tuesday January 8 the headset was brought into the store as faulty.

The unit was inspected in store and appeared to be physically damaged through routine over flexing of the hinge, or being mishandled (dropped etc), which would then cause a physical break.

The images and the fault were then reported to the importer (supplier) to see if there was any known fault or other cause for this failure, that could be ascribed to this particular headset model.

This email was sent to the importer on the same day, January 8.

On Friday January 11, the importer replied, indicating that the failure was due to physical damage and would not qualify to having failed under warranty.

We have evaluated the sales and returns on this specific model, in all colours that we offer, across our 32 stores, and we cannot see anything that would lead us to conclude that there is some manufacturing error, that has caused this damage.

Unfortunately, in the case where both the in-store and supplier assessment indicate that the failure is outside warranty, we are unable to replace the item.

Computer Mania will where possible, and as in this case, refer cases where we are unable to honour the warranty, to confirm with the supplier, importer or manufacturer, to see if there is anything that can be done; and that it is done in order to accommodate the customer.