Pilot project targets madrasah teachers

Madrasah tul Madina principal Sheikh Abdurahman May, teachers Sheikh Mohammad El Said, Hafiz Abubakr Isaacs, administrator Maulana Muhammad Kamalie. In front are teachers Mualima Adela Arendse, Mualima Fairouz May, and Mualima Shamiega Ajam.

A Beacon Valley Muslim school will be revolutionising the Islamic education system with its pilot project to train madrasah teachers across the province.

Madrasah tul Madina, a hafith (memorisation of the Quran) school, will be hosting a month-long free madrasah teachers’ training course, at its premises 99 Korfbal Street in Beacon Valley, from Monday August 5 until Thursday August 29 from 8.30am until 12.30pm.

Professionals in the fields of commerce, media, psychology, education, Cape Muslim history, Islamic studies and Quran reading will be facilitating sessions with about 60 teachers, from as far as Atlantis and Worcester.

Principal, Sheikh Abdurahman May said: “We want to turn the current madrasah system on its head, so they can be self sustainable, better develop themselves and work towards pupils having an impact on society”.

Sheikh May said they would like to create platforms for madrasahs to access more high school pupils and give teachers the skills to deal with the youth, so that they can be more efficient in the classroom, which they cannot do without funds.

“Madarees should be part of mainstream society. It must be more colourful, more creative, more interactive and it must address issues facing youth today,” he said.

It is the registered non-profit organisation’s vision for the course to develop the calibre of madrasah teachers with the latest 21st century methodologies, but rooted in and informed by traditional Islamic sciences.

He said the course was designed to address the how to questions, be a bit more scientific and teach teachers to be more careful in the manner in which they address the youth.

Sheikh May said parental involvement was vital for a child’s learning. He said the course sought to train the teacher in effective teaching methods, while seeking to give effective and meaningful substance to the eternal message of Islam.

Administrator Maulana Muhammad Kamalie said they also host programmes for all youth, so they can be positively influenced and benefit society.

Maulana Kamalie said they were inclined to share opportunities with the youth and expose them to various platforms, through which they can participate in society.

The 10-year-old madrasah also hosts maulood (celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday), Islamic poetry and celebrate the pupils’ complete memorisation of the Quran.

Madrasah tul Madina will be hosting a career expo at Portland High School hall on Saturday September 14 from 9am until 1pm. Entry is free. All high school pupils, youth, matriculants, post-matric and parents are encouraged to attend. For more information call secretary Mualimah Shamiega Ajam 021 376 2827, 083 948 5436 or email madrasahtulmadina99@gmail.com