Non-profit needs funds for feeding scheme

Phillepine Andrews with her daughter, Micheala Andrews.

A non-profit company started by a Heinz Park woman is feeding and clothing the needy in the community.

Phillepine Andrews, 54, founded For the Love of the Kids and says they started feeding more than 120 adults and children three times a week, from their own pockets, last month. They’re now asking for money or donations of food and clothing for children to keep the project going.

“The adults understand that it is mostly about the children as that is our heartbeat,” Ms Andrews said.

The team includes Kyle de Koker, who handles admin, and Michelle Mcgregor, who helps with the cooking. Ms Andrews’s daughters, Micheala, 22, and Cheylene, 20, help to hand out the food and clothes donated by the community and a Mitchell’s Plain safe house, Hannah’s Place of Safety. The safe house’s director, Dion Fabe, urged the public to help the project.

“People should support the community of Heinz Park by continually donating to them,” Mr Fabe said.

Mr De Koker, 25, said Heinz Park was poverty-stricken and in desperate need of aid.

“Sometimes it is challenging as we depend on our own funding, and sometimes that is not enough, but we do what we can while we are in this pandemic. What keeps us going is giving, helping and doing our best to assist where we can.”

Kim-lee Jacobs’s 7-year-old daughter benefits from the feeding scheme.

“I am very happy that this feeding scheme is here during this difficult time for us all,” Ms Jacobs said. “I appreciate what Ms Andrews is doing for the children and adults. I do not take this for granted. We are all struggling, and it is people like For the Love of the Kids that help us when we really need it.”

Paulicia Cyster, 23, from Heideveld, travels to Heinz Park regularly for the feeding scheme. She said the Andrews family had been helping people for many years.

“I am a single mom of one, and they have been supporting us for years. They would reach out to all the young people and help where they can. Ms Andrews and her family welcome the children; they are never told to leave or leave without food.”

Ms Andrews is also raising five foster children. Her daughter, Micheala said it was a privilege to help her mother. Micheala finished her flight-attendant studies in January this year but has been unable to land a job because of lockdown.

“Everything our mother and her team do for the underprivileged is so encouraging to us as her children and family who assist her. Her giving has a positive effect on us. We are proud of our mother’s work and her caring heart for others.”

Ms Andrews and her team feed the community on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with breakfast from 9am to 10am. Sometimes they hand out soup on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3pm to 4pm.

If you would like to help, contact Ms Andrews at 078 643 6328 or or Micheala at 063 142 4778.