Newly-launched production company pays it forward

On Saturday August 29 Ghoema Productions launched their production company by giving back to people.

The company, made up of actor and co-founder Moeniel Jacobs, director and co-founder, Zieyaad Hattas, actor Abduraghmaan Adams, Khalil Kathrada and associate member Bongile Mantsai was registered this year as a local production company aimed at promoting local stories while giving local people opportunities.

To launch their company, they fed 1 500 people in Lentegeur in partnership with Saood Feeding Scheme run by Kashiefa Williams and Zaid Seedat who made the food and gave 100 food parcels to the seniors of the community.

Since the production company made the call for donations with actors doing social media calls online, various companies and individuals contributed to the parcels, among them Shoprite Woodstock, Peninsula Beverages, Rise Against Hunger, Beyond Feeding Scheme and Remax.

Parliamentarians Maurencia Gillion and Ricardo MacKenzie, actors Jill Levenberg, Jawaahier Petersen, Riedwaan Damon, A’eesha Petersen, Mueed Jacobs and Marco Julie, vocalists Loukmaan Adams, Fagrie Isaacs, and radio personalities DJ Ready D and Irma G all helped to hand out the goods on the Saturday.

“We envisage to do these outreach initiatives and programmes more often as our communities are suffering. We will collaborate with similar organisations to ensure we serve our people” said Mr Hattas.